Triumph's small bike – rumours won't go away

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Oh the memories come flooding back  ;D

TRIUMPH might not be admitting it but the suggestion that it's working on a new small-capacity bike just seems to be getting ever-stronger.

The firm has already been spotted testing a small machine, around the size of a 125 although some have suggested it's actually bigger than that. More recently a Honda CBR250R has been seen testing in the company of some Triumph prototypes – presumably as the firm gets a grip on what its rivals are up to.

The appearance of the CBR is particularly important, it's built in Thailand and targeted largely at the ever-growing markets in Asia and India.

Triumph, which has its own Thai factory, is in a position to compete when it comes to manufacturing cost, and must surely be keen on grabbing a slice of the world's fastest-growing bike markets.

More rumours suggest that the firm could be working on a single that's closer to 350cc – perhaps not coincidentally the size of one cylinder from the firm's 1050 triple – although at that size it might be too big to be able to capitalise on the Indian/Asian markets where 250cc is still considered “superbike” size.

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