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I knew Dawn (Melly) was seriously ill, but didn't realise how bad it was. Dawn sadly passed away last month. Far too young to die. Sad times.

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OMG... It's sad to hear that  :'(
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Dawn sadly passed away last month. Far too young to die.

Condolences to the family
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Sad news. I didn't know she was ill. RIP.

My wife and I met her and her husband for dinner once. She was an interesting character.

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Sad news. My condolences to family and friends.


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What a shame. She's was quite an interesting person. Her online life seemed to be pretty wild and crazy. I never knew if that was social media theater or if she was really able to maintain that sort of lifestyle.

She used to rag on me because of my dislike of Korat. I was always a bit envious of her ability to make friends and find interesting places to hang out.

I'm sure she gave a lot of herself to the people she spent time with. You can't really do better than that, can you?

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At first this message did not rig a bell but all of a sudden I remembered that many many years  ago I got in contact with her. Very sad to hear she passed away at such a young age.

R.I.P Dawn (Melly).