What are you listening to now?

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Suzi Quattro plays 'air guitar'

Charming song, charming Gal   ;)  https://youtu.be/BBOUR6hNQsU

And a windswept https://youtu.be/4UtbeTmC9bw

I met her briefly 20 odd years ago. Made my day! I believe she lives in the UK nowadays.

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I get that Alfie - it would have made my day too. My claim to fame is Justin Hayward of the Moody Blues.

I greatly envy my pal David in Kanchanaburi who met Nicole Kidman at auditions for extras, when they were making 'The Railwayman'. She was having a quiet drink at the bar and she chatted to him. As an ex-marine, he was insufficiently emaciated for the job  ;) 
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