Discount coupons discriminating upon nationality?

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I found out recently that discount coupons distributed to Club Card members by Tesco Lotus are not the same for foreigners as they are for Thais, or at least this is my impression, looking for eventual confirmation by other K-F members.

I'm not talking about "cash vouchers" คูปองเงินสด but about "discount coupons" คูปองส่วนลด; and to be precise the general ones applying to all goods, not those limited to a particular department within the supermarket. They look approximately like the one in the photo although color may differ. Note that the one in the photo is written in Thai and it grants a 16.7% discount on a purchase of 300 THB back in 2018. I got that photo at random from Google, I annex it only for reference.
The facts:

In the last batch of coupons received by mail this month, I got the following written in English:

- 1 coupon granting 8.7% discount on a 400 THB purchase (35 baht discount)
- 1 coupon granting 8.0% discount on a 500 THB purchase (40 baht discount)
- 1 coupon granting 8.3% discount on a 600 THB purchase (50 baht discount)
- 1 coupon granting 7.8% discount on a 700 THB purchase (55 baht discount)

Besides the absurdity of reducing the discount instead of increasing it for a bigger purchase, which is hardly surprising knowing the nonsense pricing policies generally applied in this country, I was astonished to see a Thai neighbor and friend of mine getting a more convenient set of coupons written in Thai in the same batch, that is:

- 2 coupons granting 14.3% discount on a 350 THB purchase (50 baht discount)
- 2 coupons granting 15.0% discount on a 400 THB purchase (60 baht discount)

Is any other K-F member having the same experience either with Tesco Lotus or with other supermarkets and stores?

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