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I can't help wondering if Thailand is about to experience a surge in Covid if it does nothing to check on the health of the expected hordes of Chinese tourists.  Leaving aside the fact that China has cynically opened its borders to both incoming and outgoing visitors/tourists just as it attempts vainly to cope with a massive surge in Covid cases, Thailand is still fixated on money.  Yes, I know that tourism accounts for between 10 and 15% of GDP, but the country can ill afford another Covid epidemic.  Does it affect us?  Yes, I think it would if the worst happens, so maybe another booster is called for!
PS. Admin, maybe it is time for a new Covid/health thread?!

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Anecdotally, I think other places are also experiencing surges. Locally, various businesses are reporting low staff numbers because of illness. No testing is happening, so no-one knows if this is Covid or another form of flu.

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Hi CK - covid is roaring on and I heard there was a flu outbreak in the UK too. So be careful and defer that visit to China   ;)

Hector I agree with you 100%. Passengers from China should be checked before boarding and checked again on arrival for at least for a few weeks until we know more of what is happening. The Thailand mindset has changed, as has the Chinese mindset. The Thai will take a few thousand extra tourists to earn more revenue but at possibly a vast cost if it brings another wave here. Its shortsighted and greedy.
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