Chelsea fans voted 'the ugliest in the Premier League'

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Oh dear. Poor old Caller.  ;D

Chelsea fans voted 'the ugliest in the Premier League'

London clubs Spurs, Crystal Palace and West Ham following close behind

José Mourinho's good looks do not appear to have rubbed off on Blues fans after they were ranked the least attractive supporters in a recent dating survey.

The capital saw a disappointing four entries in the survey's ranking of the top 10 ugliest groups of football supporters in the Premier League.

Arsenal fans came in 12th overall, while AFC Bournemouth fans were given the accolade of the fittest supporters.

More than a fifth (22 per cent) of Spurs fans said they would not go out with a Gooner, while the same percentage of Manchester City fans said they would never date a Manchester United fan.

Relationship expert Kate Taylor said: “Football might be the beautiful game, but emotions can run high."

Premier League clubs' fans rated in order of ugliness

1. Chelsea

2. Manchester United

3. Sunderland

4. Stoke City

5. Tottenham Hotspur

6. Crystal Palace

7. West Bromwich Albion

8. Liverpool

9. West Ham United

10. Watford

11. Everton

12. Arsenal

13. Leicester City

14. Aston Villa

15. Newcastle United

16. Swansea City

17. Manchester City

18. Norwich City

19. Southampton

20. AFC Bournemouth


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