Bank of Thailand 6 - World Bank 4.5

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The World Bank projects Thailand's economic growth at only 4.5 per cent due to The impacts from European debt crisis and slow recovery of flood-affected manufacturing sector. That is much lower than growth projections by Thai authorities. The Bank of Thailand expects gross domestic product to expand this year by more than the 6 per cent.

Kirida Bhaopichitr, World Bank's senior country economist, said that the European crisis would significantly affect Thailand 's exports to the eurozone. In December, the BoT said the European crisis would not have much impact on the Thai economy.

Who do you believe? The World Bank or the Bank of Thailand?
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the BoT is more interested in increasing interest rates to combat inflation;

ask and look around;

is the local economy improving ?

even with the minimum wages being raised, workers are complaining about the high cost of living

I don't use prices of eggs as a factor;

look at the current price of grilled chicken wings, somtam and sticky rice


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some places the prices remains but the quantity reduced substantially  ;D