Fake Bomb Detectors Man Back on the Streets

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I see today that James McCormick has been released from jail in the UK.  He was the guy who sold useless bomb detectors made from novelty golf ball finders to various authorities - including The Royal Thai Army (RTA) - for up to £27,000 each. He was jailed for ten years in 2013, then had another couple of years added on for failing to pay debts (?!), so he obviously has remission of 5 years for being a good boy!  I'm always amazed ( in spite of my 23 years here) that the RTA is still in denial about the efficacy of these devices and that no-one has ever been held accountable.  For a country that could be called the 'hub of scammers' it is remarkably obtuse at recognising - and admitting -  the fact when it is on the receiving end.

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McCormick claims to be broke apparently. An amazing con trick and who WOULD want to admit to falling for it ? RTA fess up ? GBP27K  ;D  (BTW where does the 'hub of scammers' come from ?)
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