teeth whitening kits or tooth bleaching in Korat

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Does somebody have experience with teeth whitening or tooth bleaching in Korat?
Where in Korat ?
What price?


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There are many type of whitening products in Thailand, the latest craze is skin-whitening for woman's intimate areas; there is also whitening products for "katoey's" intimate area ::) ;D
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Who is the best dentist?
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best dentist I've found is diagonally opposite Chao Paya Inn / Jomsurang post office and between an optometrist and English language school  on Mukhmontri Rd. Very professional, clean and if you require it, there are one or two staff members who speak pretty good English. Go early though as it is always busy.
Polish and stain removal (coffee and nicotine) 400baht last time I went there.

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There are at least two dentists in Korat that do teeth whitening/bleaching. One of them is downtown but I forget the name of the dentist. The other is the dentist in the Bangkok Hospital on Mitrapap Road near the Mall. A couple of years ago the price in the Bangkok Hospital was 10000 baht but they had a promotion for 8000 baht.

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Hi ben, its worth trying purely white deluxe teeth whitening kit :)