Rice in Thailand

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Back home, I used to buy and make "Bosto" rice.

The rice was packaged in a handy pack, ready to boil.
Boil in hot water for 5 minutes and ready.
When the rice was ready, you could pick the rice 1 by 1.
Not sticky like the Thai rice.
And above all, I loved the taste.

I have been looking in many shops, but I could not find anywhere something that would be like "Bosto" rice.
I have seen something similar in Foodland in Pattaya.
But the price was way over the top.

Does anyone here knows where I can buy this rice in Korat?

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I've never heard of Bosto rice but it sounds like par-boiled boil-in-the-bag rice.

Not all Thai rice is sticky. Far from it. Get yourself some nice Thai Jasmine rice. Add some extra flavour yourself if you need it.
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