The Sketchbook Project - Brooklyn Art Library

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Brooklyn Art Library is running a global project to create a series of sketchbooks from creators around the world. I've just ordered my sketchbook: it is a great opportunity to have your thoughts and ideas preserved, and we are not given that opportunity often.

Please take a look and please take part. If enough K-Fers are interested it may be possible to order in bulk (Slimeball might be prepared to be a 'landing pad' for books coming to Korat). If you have kids this is their opportunity to be part of a global art library and a travelling exhibition. This will be big and they will have to limit numbers: if you want to participate, get involved now. It's getting more and more international exposure.

All the details are at: sketchbookproject

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NOT the Brooklyn Art Library - but the good ole' DM   8)

A lovely collection of photos and sketches from times long ago, including a 'pea-shooter knocker upper !' Worth a look   :o


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