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On the 10th I flew with EVA to London - it was a disappointing experience after flying with Finnair, Qatar and Thai in recent years. 

1. the economy seats were the narrowest that I can recall and the legroom tight - on the B777-300 they have 10 seats across, most carriers have 9 I believe.
2. the flight schedule was brought forward 40 minutes then we boarded and left 1 hour late
3. the safety review before take off was forgotten
4. it was so cold I wanted gloves
5. public announcements - volume too low and couldn't make out what they were saying at all - they should use pre-recorded messages where possible. Taiwan English proved hard to follow.
6. food service was frantic - really really rushed. Coffee arrived amidst the chaos of eating main course. Why? Is it so they can knock off asap ? Staff were almost running up and down the narrow aisles on occasions.
7. as soon as the first meal was cleared they came around and closed the window shutters - it's a daytime flight FGS
8. the interior of the 777-300 ER looked shabby - dust build up around the a/c vents, carpet worn
9. the service was totally impersonal
10. the range of entertainment was poor and the ear pieces were poor too !

I am booked to fly back later with EVA but I'll be choosing another airline next time

In EVA's favour, they allowed 2x23 of luggage in the hold  :P
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Hi Roger, thats sounds a very unpleasant flight indeed, why all the rush they have 12 hours for goodnes sake. I have flown Eva on quite a few occasions in the past. I stopped booking with them due to the lunchtime Thai Airways flight from LHR to BKK suiting me better.

My son is due over in October and he is booked with Eva so I will be interested to hear his comments.

I hope you have a better experience on your return flight.

Take care.
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