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                                                                  Christ Made Me Confess: Phuket Car Thief Exposes Racket

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

 A serial Phuket car thief has spilled the beans to police about a stolen car racket to Malaysia because Jesus Christ came to her in a dream and told her to confess.

Cherry Pewsa-ard, 32, walked in off the streets in the western Phuket resort town of Patong and gave the local police their first knowledge of a racket that in her case involved 14 stolen vehicles and could involve many more.

''Jesus Christ came to me in a dream last night and told me I should clear my conscience,'' Khun Cherry told surprised officers. ''So here I am.''

Details of the racket emerged as she cleansed her conscience. She had stolen 14 cars, she said. A Honda Jazz, which she rented for three days at 1000 baht a day, was quickly sold to the dealer for 60,000 baht.

A Fortuner fetched more - 100,000 baht. Khun Cherry said she knew that the dealer intended to take the vehicles over the border to sell in Malaysia.

No more names have yet been revealed in the cross-border racket. The renters who were ripped off, all on Phuket, were pursing civil cases against Khun Cherry.

As a result, yesterday's Jesus-inspired confession was the first Phuket police had heard about the racket.

It is not known whether Khun Cherry is a convert to Christianity or comes from one of the few Thai families who are long-time Christians.

She told police she had married a rich expat, and lived well for a time.

''Over the years,'' she said, ''my friends cheated me out of millions of baht. Eventually my husband left me.''

It's thought that Phuket police will begin a thorough check of other cases where renters have not returned cars in an effort to determine the scale of the racket.


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