Anti-semitism - does this qualify ?

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Andrew Bridgen MP has lost the Tory Whip because of a comment in a recent tweet. Brought forward in Parliament by that well-know barnpot Matt Hancock, Bridgen was admonished for using the holocaust as a comparative in his recent tweet about damage caused by MRNA vaccines. Hancocks intervention was quickly backed up by Sunak.

Bridgen should not have used the holocaust as his benchmark - that is sensitive ground and in doing so he was invoking exaggeration, but I fail to see how in itself, that is anti-semitism and to me, thats muddled thinking. A bad word for comparison but was that in itself demeaning to the Jewish faith or Israel.

In Parliament yesterday, Michelle Donnelan MP, the Culture Secretary, raised the importance of freedom of speech, citing that Jeremy Clarksons recent comments on Meghan Markle, were in very bad taste but she reiterated his right to say what he did.

Bridgen was stupid to mention the holocaust because, his messages about MRNA vaccines, have now been discredited by association - if you see what I mean ? The Messenger shot again but the message on vaccine damage, requires some further looks. All IMHO

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