Need new air con. Buy in store or online?

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Hi folks. As titled, we are shopping for a new air conditioner. Inverter (as most models seem to be these days).

There seem to be some really good deals on the HomePro website. They are offering free installation which I would assume would be delivery and labor but not the wires, piping.

Does anyone have experience buying something like this online here in LOS? Is it recommended or no? There are deals on TV's too and I need one of those.
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Hello Mike. I wouldn't buy online because it's good to be able to go to the shop IF you have problems later. HomePro are usually expensive but you will find a range of other shops with good offers. Check whether the prices offered includes fitting and materials - these Guys are usually slick and do a good job. But check that they pick the ideal siting for the compressor outside, (not just the easy spot for them).

The best and quietest I ever bought was LG - I would stick to the usual Panasonic, Toshiba etc. otherwise.

Decide what size you need for the room and no need to go too high IMO.

Also look around for the TV - I bought a 55" Aconatic for B7490, delivered and set up recently. It's excellent. Good luck.
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I bought an Electrolux a/c from Powerbuy in Central a few months ago. Free fitting, subject to a distance limit between the internal and external units. Efficient service. If it's not too far, check it out.

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Thanks for weighing in and I will take this advice under advisement.