Thai education embraces UK programmes to boost English language proficiency

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Thai education embraces UK programmes to boost English language proficiency
Thailand has officially embraced programmes initiated by the United Kingdom, designed to boost English language proficiency among Thai students and teachers.

The Education Minister of Thailand, Police General Permpoon Chidchob, held a conversation with the UK Minister of State for the Indo-Pacific, Anne-Marie Trevelyan, to discuss this educational collaboration. The British ambassador, Mark Gooding, was also present at the discussion which took place at the Ministry of Education.

Pol. Gen. Permpoon expressed gratitude towards the British government for their assistance in developing an online learning platform for Thai students. This platform would open doors for Thai students to access English classes and online databases globally. He shared his concerns about the numerous students from less fortunate backgrounds in Thailand, who struggle with access to education.

The support from the British government, he believes, would level the playing field, providing equal educational opportunities for students and teachers. Pol. Gen. Permpoon signalled his readiness to glean insights from the UK’s lessons and experiences with both online and on-site learning.

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