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I started watching 'Strictly Come Dancing' during my recent stay in the UK - it's not to everyone's taste but despite the updated and IMO overdone light shows etc., I enjoyed it and have continued watching it in Thailand - thanks to my 'HOLA VPN plus' that my M8 TW kindly installed last year.

Apart from the 'woke' presence of 2 males dancing together this year, (cup of tea time), it's good entertainment IMO, particularly watching the Personalities cope as the competition progresses.

'East Enders' I never watch, but Rose Ayling-Ellis, who is deaf, is one of my favourite Dancers. How she dances without hearing the music, is hard to fathom, but in a short break during this week's dance, she and her partner continued without the musical accompaniment, letting us share what she experiences I suppose.

I thought it was quite moving- what a great Gal   :)  https://youtu.be/QejOzrlovTQ

And watch this Guy (Rhys Stevenson), do his Charleston routine - fantastic. He put so much into it I thought he wouldn't get through    :o  https://youtu.be/q0U_rxtwJrI

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Your secret is out Roger! (guilty confession - wife and no.1 daughter watch it, and I can't help myself....)