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I was looking through an old cardboard box that contains a few nicknacks including an old fountain pen . Its been years since I used it so I refilled it with ink and gave it a try. I had forgotten just how nice it is to write with a real ink fountain pen any one also have a fountain pen and if so do you ever use it

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I still write with a Parker fountain pen which is at least 25 years old.

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I have practically forgotten what writing is!

But hated fountain pens, ink blobs, ink ruined school shirts, leaking fountain pens and everything else!

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As King Charles 3rd demonstrated in N.I this week.
If at first you don't succeed you are clearly not cut out for it. Give up and move on.

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I write with a rolling writer which has real ink and a roller tip.

Never heard of them before going to check it out 👍