Taksin on Floods

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For once I agree with Mr T:
Commenting on the ongoing floods all across the country, Thaksin said that it was nothing more than mismanagement by the government in power. The government that has been in power for past 8-years should have taken this issue more seriously as these things can be predicted.
These days he said ‘artificial intelligence’ can predict the expected rainfall and the dams could gradually discharge water to handle the expected heavier rainfall.
“The flooding is not due to fate or luck, it is due to mismanagement,” Thaksin said.
Citing the past, he said that water pumps were pulled form all across the country to pump water out to the seas but in the current situation there seems to be nothing like that.

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More schemes like this needed Hector - some pics of the Chantaburi flood relief system in this http://www.asae1964.com/page_bx.php?cid=69&cname=&cno=207&cno2=&show=

It's 6 km long and King Rama IX commissioned the project. Of course. close to the sea makes it much easier to do here than say, Phimai   :(   Projected at a cool THB billion or so + 84 satang apparently,

I haven't seen much news of the current flooding - hope all is well up there,

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