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Hey everyone, me again asking questions. I've seen a few people here have mentioned Lazada for ordering stuff online. My question is how good is the stuff they sell and are they safe to deal with? I've set up an account with them but yet to place my first order. I'm looking at some cpap stuff as I have sleep apnea and need a new mask. Would what is sold by Lazada be genuine ResMed products and what if something needed to be returned?

Also, what is the best way to make payments. I have an account with Bangkok Bank and a card and also use a Transferwise card that has Thai Baht loaded onto it so I don't get stung twice by exchange rates or foregeign transaction fees. Is it fairly easy to set up payment options?? Plus any other concerns or comments anybody might have about Lazada - all would be useful to know.

TIA - Allan

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I've never had a problem with buying from Lazada. I always buy from a seller that has a rating and ship on time that are over 90%. I've bought vitamins, lotions for wife, computer parts, printer ink, and other things. I always pay Cash on Delivery. I don't fell comfortably paying with debit or credit cards.
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Used them a few times. Delivery prompt, seems much the same as Amazon. Paid by credit card with no problems and converted to pounds at a decent rate.
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I have used them for many years and never had a problem. I pay by credit card. Delivery in a couple days unless you order an item coming from out of the country like China or Japan.