Swimming in Korat

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I have recently visited Korat with the intention of doing some well needed exercise. My thing is swimming and I found the 50m pool at the Mall to be superb. But unfortunately, half way through my time in Korat they shut the pool for renovation and I understand it will now be closed until mid March. I was told that there is another Olympic sized pool at the King's Stadium which was used for the ASEAN games some years ago. The only problem is that it is 10k out of town. I ended up going to the Janya Sports Club on Soi Suebsiri 3/41. It cost 1500 baht a month but you have to take a 3 month membership to get it at that price. However, if you are a short term visitor you can buy a book of 10 vouchers for 2000 baht (ie 200 baht per day) which allows you to use all facilities - gym/pool/sauna/jacusi etc...