Should the Olympics have their own International venues?

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Covid in the Olympic village; no spectators at the games;  many teams flying in just for their event/s and flying out again, the list goes on.  Are the Tokyo Olympics a busted flush? 
It's a question being asked around the world and whilst it is really unfortunate for Japan that it drew the short straw for hosting last year's Olympics being held now with all the Covid restrictions, it does raise a wider question that has been aired many times before.  Why do the Olympics not have their own internationally constructed venue?  I suppose the main sub-question is 'where'?  Although Greece is usually touted as the obvious (?) choice for mainly historical reasons, there are plenty of other countries who might be better placed to offer International Olympic venues – summer and/or winter games.
The cost of hosting the Games is frighteningly high and past experience shows that countries don't recoup much of their outlay in succeeding years.  Personally, I think there is a good case for internationally paid for and constructed venues in spite of all the various (and obvious) obstacles.

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For me Hector - yes !!

The colossal spending and the environmental costs of developing Olympic parks here and there every 4 years is wasteful. And I never see the point of having sports like football, tennis, golf in the Olympics when they already have their own established infrastructure for World meets. The Olympics are far too big now - get back to athletics, swimming pools and gymnasiums I say.

The World would never agree though - I'd have thought only Greece would have the remotest chance of being accepted. I'll try and catch some athletics but I'm ashamed to say, I'm more interested in the Football seasons starting again soon . . .
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I agree too Hector. Some countries give real thought to the post-Olympic uses of the venues (and are required to as part of the bidding process) - London did an excellent job and has been left with very useful facilities; Leyton Orient might argue that West Ham is in 'their' stadium, but I don't think it was a reasonable prospect.

Others have done very poorly post Olympics. Brazil has been a debacle. The venues are trashed and unusable, with venues for sports that have no indigenous players/ participants.