Covid and Korat's prisons . . . .

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The cynics will raise an eyebrow of course but this is good news (atm) for Korat :-

"Nakhon Ratchasima, aka Korat, a northeastern province, has no inmates with Covid-19 in any of its 6 prisons. It was determined to be Covid free after all of its inmates were tested for the virus, says the governor say Kobchai Boon-orana today. The announcement came via a video conference with the heads of the 6 prisons."



"Nearly 30,000 people at Thai prisons have tested positive for Covid-19 in the latest wave of infections. There are now 13,392 active coronavirus cases at 12 correctional facilities in Thailand, according to the Department of Corrections. 534 new cases and 3 coronavirus-related deaths at prisons were reported today. In the latest wave of infections in Thailand, 29,734 cases have been detected in prisons and 21 of those patients have died. It is unclear if guards and prison staff who test positive for the virus are included in the numbers."

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