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I came across this information while researching material for a forthcoming article , and it struck me as an interesting mode of justice if your considered
poor , or a travesty of an un fair legal system if your labeled as rich .  Can you imagine this system being implemented here in Thailand . ;D

  Day - Fine

                            Businessman fined nearly EUR 112,000 for speeding in Eastern Finland

Finland's policy of income-linked fines for traffic offences, which causes raised eyebrows and flamboyant headlines abroad, struck again this week.
A company owner from Iisalmi was caught speeding in his car in the municipality of Siilinjärvi in Eastern Finland and was fined almost EUR 112,000 according to the system based on day-fines tied to the offender’s net income. The driver was travelling at 82 kilometres per hour in an area with a speed limit of 60 kilometres per hour, a mobile police radar gun indicated The man was driving from Iisalmi to the Kuopio Airport at the time. The incident was reported on Thursday by the regional newspaper Savon Sanomat.
The reason for the massive fines was his exceptionally high income from the sales of his company in 2007, involving a total of EUR 8.9 million in income from dividends and capital gains. The former main owner of a metals company is likely to file an appeal against the imposition of the exceptionally large fines to the Kuopio District Court. According to the industrialist, his total income in 2007 does not give a correct picture of his current earnings.
Finland's system of day-fines - and the occasional massive fine that a wealthy person receives 

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