Don't Believe What's on The Packet

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I come across this advertising spin all the time , and it gets right my Nose  ;D

The advertising

The Reality


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Thaiphoon - you need a magnifying glass to see that!!


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There's many things that get up my nose and some that just irritate it , this one lies between up and irritate , I buy a product  take it home un pack it and , up my nose it goes , ive been conned , swindled or made a fool of .

here's a few of the many examples of what amount you think your going to get , to what you really get , I know many manufactures side step this by using words like the product will settle , but come on a package 100 % over size for its contents , just to make the poor gullible consumer think they will get more that they really do.

this one is not from me , but illustrates the point