Silly TV show in troubles over Yamo episode

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Ghost show ignites firestorm for dissing Korat’s ‘Lady Mo’

A television channel last night announced it canceled a supernatural reality show after one of its medium hosts offended the highly respected icon of Nakhon Ratchasima.

Channel 8 last night issued a statement that Friday would be the end of Chong Song Phee (The Real Ghosts), a reality show where mediums lead guests to learn about former lives, after one notable ghost’s shocking revelation offended an entire community.

“There was an incident in which portions of Chong Song Phee upset the public and some groups, and Channel 8 is not indifferent to what happened,” station management announced. “We decided that we will suspend the show starting Friday, July 10.”

The paranormal brouhaha stemmed from a February episode in which the three hosts visited Wat Sala Loi, a temple in Nakhon Ratchasima province, where the bones of beloved 19th century heroine, Lady Mo, are kept.

A historical figure, Lady Mo was the deputy governor’s wife when Laotian forces rebelled against Siamese control. To this day, her bravery is celebrated for, apocryphally or not, rescuing Korat’s people from a forced march to Vientiane. King Rama III bestowed the title Thao Suranari on her. A statue of her watches over the city today from its center.

So, knowing that, one of the hosts stepped onto thin ice by claiming she was communing with Lady Mo’s husband, Thongkham. As Suraprapa “Rainy” Krutthong told audiences, Thongkham told her that his adopted daughter had actually been his mistress.

“Thongkham told me that Boonlua was not his adopted daughter, and Boonlua confirmed it with me,” Rainy said in front of the camera.

Although the historical accuracy of Lady Mo’s tale are open to debate, she is fervently respected, with millions praying at her memorial annually.

The episode mostly went unnoticed until it suddenly went viral recently, triggering many people who hold high Lady Mo in high regard, especially residents of Korat, as Nakhon Ratchasima city is also known.

The shrine’s caretaker Maan Duangklang, 72, told reporters that she demanded all the show hosts to prostrate themselves in apology to the statues of Lady Mo and Lady Boonlua, who is also admired for fighting alongside Lady Mo.

Samarn Thitipongtub, president of Lady Mo Conservation Group, said they had damaged her reputation.

“How could you come up with such ill-fated thoughts?” he said. “The show is disrespecting Lady Mo and destroying her and Lady Boonlua’s virtue.”

Provincial governor Wichien Chantaranotai said the incident had harmed his citizens. He said his team was looking for legal avenues to take action against the show, its hosts and producers.

“We will send a letter to the show and ask them to take responsibility for this,” Wichien said. “They should research the historical facts before going on air like this. They cannot claim something by contacting ghosts. It’s not science. Everything they said contradicts Thai history, what we have learned our whole lives!”

Source: Coconuts Bangkok 9 July 2020
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