The ultimate Red-Light district guide to Nakhon Ratchasima.

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With Cobra Gold fast approaching visitors to the forum are often seeking information on the naughtier parts of Korat. Luckily much work has already been done on the subject and with the kind permission of the owner of isaan.com we publish below the article on that forum. The post was originally written a number of years ago but has just been updated. Our thanks to isaan.com for allowing us to reproduce the article here. A link to the original post is at the end.

Coyote Bars "girly" bars, where you buy the girls drinks, enjoy their company and perhaps negotiate something more. However, Korat is not Bangkok or Pattaya and you may find that no-one speaks any English

The most popular coyote bars are Mix (beside Dok Mai Café or 18 Mongkut) and 2 Peace (changed name in 2018 to "fever"). 2 peace is on Suepsire road, near Katai Khao Seafood (White Rabbit Seafood). These places have the largest selection of girls and close very late.

All coyote bars in Korat are free to enter. Some close at 4am. Girls will want you to buy them Tequila, often more than one, and you will pay 125 to 150 baht for a shot. Some money obviously goes to these ladies and after a quota of 'x' number of ladydrinks have been bought some of them can finish their night and go home. Most of these ladies will have boyfriends but as this is Thailand everything is negotiable. With a few beers, a few tequila shots, you might end up with a bill of 1,000 baht.

There are also many Karaoke places for Japanese clients. These are normally very expensive. One or two are on Jomsurang Road, not too far from Klang Plaza. One near V-One hotel, another one near 8 Bistro and one near the Sima Thani hotel. Ask the prices before ordering drinks or a girl sits with you. You normally have to pay for a lady to sit with you unlike in Coyote bars where you pay for their drinks but not their time. These places open and close very quickly and might not be the same six months on. I remember ordering two beers once, stayed an hour, and got a bill for 4,500 baht...

Gogo-Bars. As in The Hangover 2; the typical perception of Thailand nightlife

None in Korat.

“freelancers” i.e. girls 'looking for business' on the street

Sometime found in the park near Yamo statue in the centre of town. They are there at night, maybe after 10pm until very late. The price will be 300-500 baht, some are younger, some older. You must pay the hotel around 100-120 baht for a short time. These are not luxurious hotels, and be careful about diseases. Yamo park (also called Suan Ruk) has been well known for many years but the police do try and clean the place up every once in a while.

Another spot for freelancers is in just in front of Chao Phraya hotel. These ladies, younger and sometimes attractive are 1,500 baht upwards for foreigners. You often have to discuss with the tuktuk drivers to settle the price. And then you must find a room. Also near Chayapreuk hotel (there is an Amazon coffee there).

Massage parlors

The main part of Korat naughty nightlife. These are the most popular places for men looking to have some fun. And there are many of them in Korat. These are not "Soapy massage" places but even without the soap, you will get the full service!

At ANY of these places, you normally pay a fee that will include a lady for one and half hours for massages and more. They all have some private rooms, some with a bathtub, some with showers, and some without anything. You can also just go and have a beer.

For 1,000-2,000 baht, you can get a massage, a bath or shower, and a good time. I always include a beer with it!

The most famous massage parlors in Nakhon Ratchasima are: (These places operate with a license of full service)

Ginza, in front of Klang Plaza 2. Probably the best and cleanest, girls from 1,200 to 2,300. Behind the glass, these are cheaper than the ones on the sofa.

Pegasus, at the big intersection near Makro. On top of the building. Similar to Ginza.

Paillin Square. Beside Ta Wan Deng (or opposite The Sima Thani) similar prices to Ginza and Pegasus.

Babylon is in the parking lot of Korat Hotel, beside what was called Speed 2. A lady is manager (or was manager, things change quickly) and they normally have a good selection.

The previous places will close at around midnight. There are other massage places where more is on offer. You pay about 300 to 500 for a normal massage, you can get drinks if you want, and then you negotiate with the lady if you want more than a massage, which is normally between 500 to 1,000 baht. Look for Erawan, Hatthaway and "MeiHua" (Beautiful flower in Mandarin). The manager there on day time can speak English, Mandarin and some Japanese. In these massage places, some ladies will not do more than a massage but most do (and will let you know if they do). In 2019 the health ministry has asked massage places to remove their advertising about "massage" as they offer more than massages (and the massages are often sub-standard)

In front of Siow Siow restaurant or beside the dimsum restaurant is a very nice place with a large selection and good prices. It used to be called RELAX but was recently renovated and I can't say if it is reopened.

Massage parlour in Chao Praya Hotel. Not sure what you can get there… but around this area, it is normally whatever you want!!

Paza. A quiet place, open for YEARS and YEARS (maybe 30 or 40 years). Nice place, nice selection, 1,000 to 1,600 (rare) but the rooms are quite old. It is a little bit like Osaka.

Osaka is a place near the Five Way intersection. It also used to be one of the first massage parlours when the Americans were in town for the Vietnam war. Osaka is still open, just beside Mix. Osaka might be the best place during daytime.

Palace, close to The George and Dragon pub. There are ladies just for massage and others for much more. Similar prices to Ginza, Paza, Babylon. There was another place in front of the Palace that was closed down recently.

If it's after 5am, Club Life might still be open. It's just beside Ta Wan Deang and people start to go there around 2am. It closes around 6am.

If you want another naughty place, ask Thai people where is located BAAN SI CHOMPU (or the pink house). Foreigners are normally NOT welcome there. It's a Thai place. Location is https://goo.gl/maps/9KeTnNe235F2

Link to the original article here: http://isaan.com/forum/index.php?topic=3515.0. Thanks again to the owner of isaan.com for granting permission to publish. The copy above is edited as the original includes map references. To follow the map references please visit the original post on the isaan.com webiste.

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The post was originally written a number of years ago but has just been updated.

Hmmm... I suspect the only updating that took place here was adding this line:
In 2019 the health ministry has asked... (cut)

For the rest it reads as old as the hills. For example, the massage parlour at Pegasus hotel is virtually closed by now; and the general trend doesn't look encouraging at all for those places at the moment. Yet, prices either remain the same, or go up slightly...
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