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Robert I was horrified to read this . . . pollution on a grand scale. I guess this will be true in other Nations too ?

"The nitrogen crisis in the Netherlands is an ecological and legal crisis that has been called that since 2019 after a ruling by the Administrative Jurisdiction Division of the Council of State. The nitrogen problem is at the root of the crisis. In the Netherlands, the soil is burdened by a very high application of reactive nitrogen compounds, in particular ammonia (NH3) that is released from animal manure.[3] In addition, nitrogen oxides (NOx) are emitted by combustion engines, such as in motor vehicles and in industry. Human activities in which nitrogen compounds are released in large quantities lead to undesirable effects on the quality of soil, water, air and nature."

I wonder how that impacts on agriculture and human well being in the Netherlands.

((IWe once shared the Eko Holiday Inn on the beach on Victoria Island, Lagos with at least 20 Dutch families - I was the only Englishman on the 'Dantata' crew. I visited Amsterdam a few times to arrange the closure of a small 'Crown Graphic' subsidiary and stayed with Dutch friends in Rosendahl (?) with the family 'en route' to leave in England - unfortunately I spent most of my time there phoning the Tropical Disease centre in Utrecht as my Son had been bitten by our dog, diagnosed as 'rabid' the day before - we had to leave on the first plane to LHR. That's my total experience of Holland apart from the fact that my eldest Son has a lovely Dutch partner. ATB))
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