Australian cricket in Ashes ?

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I wonder how Michael Atherton (he captained England 54 times) felt when the sandpaper story broke - I hope he keeps his head down.

''Atherton's ''reputation suffered a blow when he was implicated in a ball-tampering controversy during the first Test against South Africa at Lord's, for which he was fined £2,000 by Ray Illingworth. Atherton was accused of lying to Peter Burge, the Match Referee.'' (Wikipedia).

Atherton had earth in his pocket so that he could sneakily 'rough up' the ball. His punishment seemed in proportion.

When news of the Warner, Smith, Bancroft incident, I was surprised to see Smith saying he was 'incredibly sorry', ('credibly sorry' surely) but since then it seems the trio have been lucky to escape the death penalty. Here's a piece from the 'Sydney Morning Herald' suggesting, ''It’s all too easy to get emotional about these things.''

''On the question of appropriateness … my impression is that Smith and Bancroft are inherently and thoroughly good and decent people (Warner strikes me as more like the product of a tryst involving The Penguin and Catwoman, from Batman circa 1966). Taking the emotion out of the argument, and proceeding to a hearing before an unbiased and dispassionate Commissioner, is unlikely to result in a more severe penalty for either Smith or Bancroft at the very least. Such a hearing would permit each of them to tell tell their side of this unfortunate series of events in a controlled environment, where each player is properly represented by a lawyer who knows their shit. Each of the players deserves at least that. Nobody’s dead; IT WAS SANDPAPER.''

I feel a little sorry for Cameron Bancroft who foolishly agreed to do the dirty deed. It was Warner's idea apparently and Smith - dozy bigger of the week - should have known better ::)

Never mind - let's hope the game of cricket learns a lesson. And also, that the current move to cut 'sledging' bites and stays strong at all levels.

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