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Hi all just an update I have a lot of people telling me people are  looking for a good quality internet driven Home TV system.
I sell 2 separate services one geared towards UK/USA and International sport which is Enigma
Both have all the normal sports you would be looking for.

The second which has The same as Enigma But a lot more Foreign channels as well  French/Italian/Scandinavian ect  Called Scorpion.
these run through an Android/Fire Stick type devices They as all of these services around do run ON Smart TVs non android (Samsung/LG and others)
However I only service 1 (one) App on Smart TV's called IBO the others are just not up to the task regardless of what others say I have tried them all.
cost is simple
for both
1 month £12
3 months £30
6 months £45
12 months £65  all converted to Bht on the day

I can supply Plug and play devices/subscriptions all there bar 2 AAA batteries
cost again is simple
5980 BHT this includes everything including P&P via Kerry.

how it works >  plug the device via HDMI lead to TV
Plug the device into Router if possible always best But Wifi works as well as long as the router isn't at the other end of the house.
Plug the device into the Mains
open device and the TV on the  selected HDMI  it is attached too.
my apps are pre loaded so simply click on my app and away you go
(I would call and walk you through if required)
I run a dedicated Support group via Discord which is an app available in all phone stores. Once you are a full member i send you an invite to join.
I have a selling Discord group if you want to join it click on the link below
direct add to friends on Discord: DM001#3356
I have a telegram buying group use the link below or add me on your phone
https://t.me/DMedia01  (direct contact)
I am on WhatsApp/signal/line (33564w).

channel wise i Never give these out on a web site contact me direct.
Devices i only use and sell good top of the range Android TV devices running Android 10.
I cater for all devices you may own Bar Android under Android 7/ Ruku (waste of time)
I don't support these cheap devices true and 3bb dish out either.
There are NO Trials that include sport from Fridays 1800 to Mondays 1200
Other days i can give up to  A 24 hr trial  But to be honest to trail my services correctly you need to buy a month you get the full picture then.
Thanks for reading
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