Do you speak 'woke'?

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I have just had a confusing conversation with my daughter in the south of England, whose own daughter is about to go to Sheffield University.  It went something like this:
Me:  So when is (Jane) going to University?
Dau:  On the 18th of next month, but I'm going to have trouble getting their kit into the Micra.
Me:  Oh, your taking a friend up as well?
Dau:  No, just Jane.
Me:  Ah, but when you said “their” I assumed someone else would be going too.
Dau:  No, we've just been asked to refer to the students using non-binary pronouns.
At this point I was tempted to suggest she told Sheffield to stuff the 'woke-speak' where the sun didn't shine, but I resisted the urge!
Anyone else had this sort of experience?