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my Toyota Fortuner 2012 did not have an USB connection. Some time ago I saw an advertisement and went to Bangkok. My audio system did have an option for cd-changer which could be used. So off to Bangkok and had item installed for Thb 3.000. Could use USB flasdrive (sd card option also available) for playing music, maximum 12 folders which each can contain 99 songs so total of almost 1.200. USB flashdrive of 8 Gb is even enough.

Next month I am planning a trip to Koh Chang and decided it was time to replace original Toyota audio system with a Kenwood audio system. This because DVD of Toyota was 8 years old and replcement DVD costs Thb 20.000. I used my iPhone with Google Maps for navi but did not like the carholders available and believe me I tried a few, have the samples to proof it. Very close to me is a Kenwood dealer so I bought Kenwood DDX 919WS with much more options for Thb 22.900. Through Apple carplay I can now use Google Maps on Kenwood.

However I now have Toyota audio/navi (not updated) and USB connector available. Have to assume nobody interested in Toyota audio/navi as too old but anybody who does not have USB connector in the car but do have an audio system with cd changer option this could be a solution.

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If anybody interested please contact me to discuss reasonable amount.