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All of us who live here are well aware of the appalling standard of driving in the country, which the dreadful accident statistics bear out.  We have read recently of the new licence 'points deduction' system, increased fines for offences and so on, but the main problem, as I see it, is the attitude and ability of drivers coupled with an almost complete lack of active deterrence by the police.
In my 25 years here, I have driven hundreds of thousands of miles in most parts of the country, but over both the recent New Year periods I have unfortunately had to be on the roads a great deal, something I would normally avoid. I am not a fast driver and travel usually between 90 and 120 km/hr, so I was constantly overtaken by vehicles, including sometimes lorries, at speeds that made it look as though I was driving in reverse! 
Drunk driving apart, speed is unquestionably the major cause of accidents here.  This being so, I have to wonder why the previous plethora of cameras, both hand held and fixed have clearly declined – although I notice more fixed ones now being installed.  Police vehicles are seldom in evidence and even when they are the drivers themselves seem oblivious to vehicles flashing past them even as they themselves are exceeding the limit.
So how to educate a driver with a bullock cart mentality to cope with a vehicle capable of  speeds up to almost 200 km/hr?  It's not going to happen overnight, but an effective driving test and a lack of police indifference may go some way towards improving the situation.  But TIT I suppose!

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Hello Hector - regarding "the appalling standard of driving in the country, which the dreadful accident statistics bear out"

I can't agree with that as a generalisation but I am quite aware that I am in the minority.

The 'dreadful' statistics are generated largely by motorbike drivers - the last time I looked at the stats, if I remember rightly, there was an average of 38 being killed every day. Driving after drinks and drugs is also a major factor as you say as would be 'loose' passengers in the back of pick-ups.

During a recent 2000 km trip to Kanchanaburi and Lamphun, as ever, the driving I saw was very good - I didn't see any 'horrors' at all - (other than maybe a frightening stretch from H9 west to Nakhon Pathom due to the density of the traffic, frequent u-turns and billions of motorbikes).

IMO the lorry drivers on trunk roads are very steady indeed and I can hardly recall being overtaken by a lorry doing vast speeds as you report. Around the mountainous sections I drive sometimes, they can be actively helpful. (BTW IMO 90-120km can be 'fast driving')

Coming from Chantaburi, I do notice that as you get closer to BKK, there are far more 'lively' car/truck drivers and it's a bit hairy around the cities sometimes - (but this would be true of Korat too).

I agree enforcement of traffic laws by the Police is almost non-existent, (except as a fund raiser re. helmet checks etc) and they are next to useless on the road and I also agree, the driving test is largely a joke.

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The accident stat that stood out for me was that 85% of road accidents involve a motorbike. As an ex motorcycle rider I can attest to the fact that motorbike riders disregard the traffic laws as they think the are only for automobiles even though the know that's not true.