Prejudice, Racism and anti-Semitism . . . .

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It's difficult to tread on this ground, but here goes.

I see Dianne Abbott has been suspended from Labour, for clumsy comments thought to imply that Black people suffer racism whereas Jews face prejudice. Abbott should have known better given sensitivities around this subject, but anyway, she's out for now - personally I think she should have been chucked out years ago on the grounds of the 'numpty factor'   ::)  Abbott is guilty of a clumsy statement and giving an opinion which may be flawed but that doesn't necessarily make her anti-semitic so as to deserve this punishment.

Yesterday Andrew Bridgen MP was finally expelled from the Tory Party for claiming Covid vaccines were the “biggest crime against humanity since the Holocaust”. A simple dispassionate look at that statement tells me that Bridgen is not in any way, diminishing the Holocaust itself - just perhaps exaggerating the ranking of covid vaccine damage against other World events, SINCE the Holocaust.

Dear ole' Rishi expresses condemnation and Karen Pollock, the chief executive of the Holocaust Educational Trust, said “Inappropriate comparisons to the Holocaust have no place in politics". But again this was not a comparison TO the holocaust but a ranking against events SINCE the holocaust. It's depressing to see the worthies on Sky News discussing this just now, but missing the whole point, IMHO.

Overreacting to Abbot and Bridgen type comments might help create an unnecessary 'no go' area in discussions.

I expect I have some prejudices, don't we all ? I am not racist or anti-semitic. But I don't like this sort of hysterical reaction to anything said around this subject.
''If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough'' - Albert Einstein

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The odd thing about the Diane Abbott events is the timeline and 'draft' claims:

- DA wrote the letter following an article in the Observer, and emailed it.
- the Observer asked for the letter to include a postal address. DA revises the letter and resends (three hours later).
- the contents of both emails are exactly the same.
- the emails are sent from DAs email, not a generic one that aides would have access to.
- it is seven days before the letter is published. DA does not contact the Observer to revise the letter.
- very shortly after the letter is published, and feeling the heat building, DA claims the letter was a draft sent in error by an aide and she would have changed the wording. She actively distances herself from the letter.

I suspect if she had been more honest and admitted her error the Labour leadership would have suspended her and she would have made a quiet return later. But by fabricating a hollow excuse she has doomed herself. I would not be surprised if she announces she is stepping down at the next election.

Sorry Roger - not really a contribution to the debate!

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That's interesting CK. I'd thought Dianne Abbott had only been suspended and will be able to come back when forgiven - as I understand it   :-\   But a good analysis thanks.

I'd like to vote Labour next time but I still don't see enough People there I can have faith in. But if Ms. Abbott is returned to the 'fold', I'd feel even less inclined, (to vote Labour).

I feel even more strongly about the 'Bridgen' situation as time goes by. It seems the word 'SINCE' went over the heads of the readers. Or were they hunting for him ?    >:(

''If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough'' - Albert Einstein