Foreigners can now buy land and houses in Thailand

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I can see this appealing to mainland Chinese wanting to move money out of China ASAP (see Financial Review).

I doubt any but the most successful digital nomad will have Bht40m to invest. The restrictions on where property can be bought might also have the effect of creating property hotspots.

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Hi RDRO - https://www.thaipbsworld.com/cabinet-endorses-withdrawal-of-controversial-foreign-land-ownership-edict/

That didn't last long   ;)

As a Brit, I suggest the UK introduces a reciprocal policy and prohibits Thais from buying land in the UK . . . . .

Thai Govt - seldom fails to disappoint   >:(   >:(   >:(
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I seem to remember Taksin introducing something similar.  There were less than half a dozen takers before it was withdrawn.  They never learn!