Desiccated coconut

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Has anyone seen desiccated coconut in the shops?  

I plan to do some baking with it but I don't recall seeing any anywhere.

Thanks in advance.

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There is a baking supply shop near Yamo monument called Excel but written in thai. From the the mall road turn right towards Yamo turn left just before you are forced to go left or right. The shop is on the left down the street. My wife and I stopped and had a tuk tuk take us. They have what you are looking for and more.

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Thanks Gats13. I managed to find the shop and, as you said, they had some desiccated coconut (and much more). Thanks a lot. Coconut cookies are next on the agenda.  ;D

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May I try your coconut  cookie?  ;D
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are you going to produce cookies ?

Is one sufficient for a 3 year old kid ? if it is I would like to place an order for 1,000 pieces;

Send by EMS and I will prepaid the cost

going to donate them to my favourite orphanage


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I'm going to ChongChom this Sunday, passing by Phimai and may drop by to pick-up 1 piece from you  :P

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Come and get your cookie quicky, Quilter. They are delicious.  ;D

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