The madness in Thailand Continues

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                                                                                                  Thai Schoolboy 17 Stabbed to Death On Bus For Not Giving Up Seat .

 This is the chilling moment a teenager was stabbed to death on the back of a bus after he refused to give up his seat. Kamolchat Saen-aroon, 18, was traveling on the packed public bus in Bangkok, Thailand, on Monday (25/02) afternoon when the attacker approached him and demanded he move. The knife man, named only as Ae, was with his girlfriend – both in matching Mickey Mouse t-shirts – and he began yelling that they wanted to sit on the back seat. When Kamolchat refused, the pupil from a rival school produced an 8-inch long kitchen knife from his waist and plunged it into him 10 times in a frenzied attack. Terrifying CCTV footage shows the struggle and the attacker’s girlfriend tries to intervene, but it then cut on her arms.

Warning Graphic Video
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as you see thethaiger report (3days old) blanks out their faces - why because of their age - 17 year old identified only as ‘Ae’ was arrested - under 18 real name is with held as well. personally i wouldn't have posted that. thethaiger report was enough with the heading below. you never know.

Teen fatally stabbed on Bangkok bus