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Thanks to all who have expressed an interest in keeping K-F going. It is honestly heartening that so many people want this to continue.

The original reasons for my concern (as told to me by the hosting company) were highlighted by the login issues that affected many of us. The change to this new look should have cured this issue.

The forum software is one step off current: we are on sub version 14, where current is version 15. Not bad, and perhaps worth leaving until a major update happens. Ideally this might allow the joining terms to be relaxed to allow more members, and it might be worth trying this to see if it is possible without the spammers leaping in!

Many thanks to all who have offered to chip in. No need currently. The forum will continue. I'm also glad the look has not put everyone off: it seems fresh and new (and entertaining if you change it from night to day). But at least we have an emergency plan of action, and we know what to do if the worst happens.

But it highlights how fragile we are as a community, and perhaps the lesson is that we need to make sure we are not anonymous. The members care for each others welfare: the reaction to any loss is clear proof and the saddest thing is that this often happens too late. Some time ago I proposed creating a "living will" for anyone to use, the intention being it would concentrate the key data for someone in one place and make unravelling our password-protected lives easier. The work is all done, and the form exists (and has done for over a year). The problem is making it both accessible and PRIVATE. I will revisit it; it needs to be a form you can complete, download, and leave somewhere safe. It does not want to be in the cloud. But it is important. I'll let you know if I can make it work, but YOU have to test it!!

So, thanks again. We soldier on. Next stop, the start of the new football Premiership season and a challenge to the cognoscenti. The format has been fairly stable for a few years. Are we prepared for a change? Are we up for a more complex challenge? Are we prepared to take on the big boys with a K-F team? If the mood is positive, then let's do it. Charlie Crowson is the man, and let's put pressure for him to sort this (and get Charlie contributing to the forum). Slimeball - pull some strings, we can do this. We need to think big, and you guys can do this.

Thanks again. You are a bunch of stars.