Does greece have a death wish?

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Is Greece intent upon self destuction, or does it simply want to wrest control of its economic affairs back from the EU monster?

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Hello "thehay'' and welcome. As you say, the Greeks have now voted for a new Govt. with an impossible task, (as long as they are in the Euro). The Greeks death wish - the Euro !

Just been reading this in the DT :-

''Trapped in the euro, debt-ridden Greece will sputter along until it gets up and leaves

''The best Greece can hope for is to be the new Italy. The two have almost identical economic performance since the euro was launched: Greece is at 107pc of 1999 GDP, Italy on 109pc (the UK is 145pc). It will splutter along with tepid growth and perpetual debts just like Italy until either the euro is completely reformed, with a central budget that can distribute growth, or else it becomes fed up and leaves.''

Here's the whole text - the three factors that will hold Greece back - being unable to devalue,
continuing under crushing austerity and debt levels at 176% of GDP.

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Greece was shafted by the EU and Germany in particular. Unless the EU change their stance towards them, they will be treading water for the next 40 years, irrespective of who their Govt. is. Isn't EU democracy wonderful.