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Has anyone else notice the proliferation of 'whited out' number plates on vehicles these days?  Some are so white that they are unreadable even at 10 metres.  I suspect it is done purely to disrupt the traffic cameras and as such must be illegal.  But do the police seem to care? Do the coco

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I haven't noticed any yet. I'll look out for them.

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We have one car that's 11 years old and the plates look fine. We have a second car that's 8 years old and the plates are faded. I think it's because the second car was parked in the sun a lot and it bleached the black numbers on the plate. No, we did not do anything to the plates to disrupt traffic cameras.
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Hector, I have noticed this on several cars that like the one in your photo are fairly new and have the lettering faded , it does not take a rocket scientist to understand why. too many speeding fines from cameras. I know for a while in Canada one could buy a plastic "Protective" cover for your plates that made the plate only readable from a low angle. I think it was a $200 fine for having one on.

On a side note last Thursday I was pulling out of  HGV on to 205 and noticed this unusual sporty looking car behind, one does not see much of these in Korat, so as I moved over to the U turn lane he passed me on the left, it was a black car with big letters Highway Patrol on the side and Police on the back, with the candy bar on the top (RED flashers), not sure if it was real or not,being that it was a Ford Mustang! first one I have seen in LOS.

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My rear plate is getting that way due to getting sun bleached. The afternoon sun beats down on the rear of our carport and the rear plate gets a bleaching. The front plate still looks new after  5 years. Might just change the plates around.

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I have the same problem with one of mine, from 2015. The rear plate is fine, but the front one is quite faded now. I hadn't thought of the speed camera dodge, lol! I was thinking of changing it, but maybe I won't bother. Apparently, they can't just be painted, but you have to go to one of their test centres to have them replaced, which is a pain.