Earthquake in Cornwall . . .

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'Quivering' ? 2.2 on the Richter scale - MMMmmm. I lived in Port Navas in 1988 and there was a 4.8 ? by the Lizard which was felt at Plymouth, 70 miles away  :o     I went to the front door wondering if a nuke had gone off at Culdrose or something like that. Didn't feel the ground move but the air seemed to be shaking  :-\  Weird.

The epicentre of this mini quake was right under Helford Passage where I lived later or Helford, just a couple of miles from Port Navas.

"Cornwall quivers from magnitude 2.2 earthquake - Tremor rocks area near Falmouth, described as ‘a loud bang from beneath’ that shook windows

An earthquake has shaken Cornwall, with some describing the seismic event as like a “sonic boom” or a “loud bang from beneath. The British Geological Survey said a tremor with a magnitude of 2.2 rocked an area about three miles (5km) south-west of Falmouth at around 6pm on Thursday.''

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