Electric cars OK ?

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I blinked when I noticed this headline :-

''Tesla Model 3 overtakes Ford Focus to be UK’s third best-selling car''

''Tesla’s Model 3 – the car Elon Musk hopes will make electric motoring affordable for the mass market – was Britain’s third-biggest selling vehicle last month. The Model 3 – which starts at £36,500 including a £3,500 government grant – overtook Ford’s Focus to claim the position and was beaten only by the Ford’s Fiesta and VW’s Golf.

New car registration data from the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) revealed that in August 3,978 Fiestas were driven off dealer forecourts, 3,439 Golfs and 2,082 “other” models – which The Telegraph understands to be Tesla Model 3s

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I think they are great things, and will soon be outselling petrol and diesel in the UK.

How long before someone starts selling electric scooter in volume in Thailand? The British Zapp looks interesting: zappscooter.com


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Thailand managed to ramp up the distribution of LPG and CNG for vehicles very quickly. But, that was at a time when liquid fuel was expensive and the conversion from petrol to gas was relatively cheap, so the demand for LPG and CNG increased rather rapidly.

I don't see the same thing happening with electric vehicles until the prices comes way down. Establishing a network of electric stations should be cheaper and easier than it was for LPG/CNG, but until the demand is there progress is going to be slow.