Thai folk band seek asylum in France

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Interesting video from the beeb.


I don't follow BBC news apart from sport and even there the PC drives me nuts. But it was whilst searching for something that I came across this. Thai's seeking asylum elsewhere isn't exactly unusual, but a band? And as far as I am aware the Police Officer that initially headed the investigation into people trafficking, before being abruptly removed from his post, is still in Australia seeking asylum

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Thanks for that - I couldn't get the BBC programme to play but I'll try later. And the YouTube channel not available in . . . . .

Also  http://www.khaosodenglish.com/politics/2019/08/03/faiyen-anti-monarchy-musicians-seek-asylum-in-paris/ l

A lively stream of publicity for LoS after the Consort, sacked Officials and Army Vet killed by a security punch . . . .
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