Minimum Wage Hike

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I read the other day that the government here is raising the minimum daily wage by a few baht to around 330 Baht.  In the UK press this-morning I read; "Minimum wage will rise by 51p to £8.72 an hour in April", which will make the UK hourly wage almost the same as the Thai daily one.  There's a message here somewhere, which I am sure each of us will interpret in our own way.  Happy New Year!

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Thanks for that Hector. IMO that increase is appalling, reprehensible and worse. Thailand, ranked 6th in the World for inequality, seems to be making no effort to improve the situation and help the 40% ? of the population living in poverty.

THB 330 per hour  ::)  In 2011/2012 the minimum was increased in steps by about 20%, (to the best of my memory), and it seems to have moved forward little since then !

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According to this article in the BP, the reality is much worse. I do believe Thailand is heading for a fall, at least.