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Was the 'Herd immunity' idea - right or wrong ? There's room for both camps of thought in the DT today !

This first article, is scathing of the Govt's change of direction from the original push for 'herd immunity' :-

"Just a couple of weeks ago, the signs that our new Government would not resort to the same clunky damage control as other countries were reasonable. While Italy shooed people into their homes to stem all infections, the UK’s approach seemed more nuanced – getting the most vulnerable to self-isolate, while allowing lower risk people to get infected on a scale that wouldn’t overwhelm the NHS." https://www.telegraph.co.uk/politics/2020/03/26/lockdown-wests-berlin-wall-moment-elite-managerialism-collapses/

But this article, detailing the current horrors in Spain, expresses fears about the possible results of the UK too, taking it's time in closing down major events :-

" . . . with alarming echoes of the approach taken in Britain - the Spanish government appears to have been too slow to instigate suppression measures and prevent the exodus of people from the capital Madrid. Throughout February and early March, the focus was on containment of what were seen as isolated cases imported from abroad; but given the lengthy gestation period of this coronavirus, unseen, a deadly epidemic was developing. The decision to allow mass gatherings to continue through the first weekend in March now looks like a terrible blunder." https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2020/03/26/spains-outbreak-got-bad-governments-delay-instituting-lockdowns/

I don't see too much analysis around today but the good 'ole Daily Mail has a chart showing the curve of the UK death rate neatly now below that of Spain and Italy - a 'low' day recorded yesterday and let's hope for more. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8151029/Spain-worlds-second-highest-tally-coronavirus-deaths.html

Who knows ? Take care all.
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Bus ticket sales suspended until April 30

Ticket sales for all public transport buses will be suspended from March 26 to April 30 in compliance with the government’s declaration of a state of emergency which takes effect on Thursday (March 26), the president of Transport Co Ltd, Jirasak Yaovatsakul, said.

He added that the company will also enforce social distancing by leaving empty alternate seats on the buses and keep a distance of at least one metre between persons at all bus terminals.

After the state of emergency was announced on Tuesday (March 24), people rushed to buy bus tickets. All tickets have been sold out beyond April 30. “We cannot provide additional buses and all available buses have been used. Complying with the social distancing policy halves the number of passengers per bus,” added Jirasak.“

Those who haven’t reserved tickets should refrain from coming down to bus terminals hoping to get one, since all ticket booths will be closed until April 30,” he said. “Those who had bought tickets earlier can still travel as per schedule. You can also postpone or cancel your trip and apply for refund as per the conditions of Transport Co.

”Jirasak added that some operators of private buses and vans have submitted appeals to suspend their service during the state of emergency. “If you have already bought tickets from these operators, please contact them directly to ask for refund or postponement of your trip.”


If you already have a ticket:

Wear a face mask for your travel by bus

The wearing of face mask is now a must for all passengers travelling on all public buses, under new rules announced by the Land Transport Department.

Anyone not wearing a face mask will be denied boarding a bus while passengers are required to keep the mask on throughout the journey, said the department's director general Chirute Visalachitra today (March 26), adding that bus operators must strictly adhere to the rules.

They must prohibit anyone without a face mask from getting on board , but they could offer masks to them at reasonable price, Chirute said.

Anyone presenting a body temperature higher than 37.5 degree Celcius will also be banned from entering all public transportation systems.The Department of Rail Transport has instructed all train and electric train operators to require passengers to wear masks.


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Johnson and Hancock have it ?
''If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough'' - Albert Einstein