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The 'penny has dropped', a little . . .

"The UK is to introduce a travel ban on Brazil to prevent a new highly-infectious strain of Covid-19 being imported from the South American country. Government sources indicated on Wednesday night that immediate travel restrictions would be imposed similar to the pre-Christmas curbs placed on South Africa where another highly transmissible strain has emerged."

. . . . about bloody time - the concept of border controls !! Up to 30 flights a day have been landing from the USA at LHR alone since the pandemic began, never mind Brazil, Mexico and all those other Nations with catastrophic levels of CV-19 infections. Is there a boarding requirement for PAX from all Nations to have a negative test now ? Will a negative test be replaced by a vax certificate as a boarding requirment in due course ? I hope so. Then, anti-vaxxers either get the jab or don't travel. Admittedly that impedes the freedoms of the anti-vax but more importantly, it restores freedom from the risk of infection, to other citizens.

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