Your horoscope for 21-27 Feb - see how would you fare

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Spot-on horoscope for work, money, coupled & single life from famously accurate Bangkok Post's fortuneteller. Let's see how would you fare this week & beyond!

Note: (⛹) is for work, (฿) is for money, (♥) is for coupled life and (⚤) is for single life[/size]

♈ Aries

Mar 21 – Apr 19

(⛹) Bad news arrives when you least expect it. It may disrupt your work progress big time. You may feel like your job may be gone soon and, well, you're right. Send out your CV now.

(฿) You spend more money than you should. You may have to pay for something at a price higher than usual because you want to have it now.

(♥) Couples may bicker but they will understand each other more. From Feb 22-25, you two may have a small accident during a date night.

(⚤) You may hit it off with a tourist. Numbers and contacts will be exchanged but it won't be easy to keep in touch or start something real.
♉ Taurus

Apr 20 – May 20

(⛹) Your work plan progresses smoothly. What first appears difficult turns out to be a piece of cake for you. If your work involves deep investigation or research, you may have a breakthrough.

(฿) Sellers make more revenue. You keep track of your savings goal and spend within budget. You may win a lucky draw. If you hit a casino (wherever it's legal), you'll come away richer.

(♥) The communication between couples improves. If your relationship has been a bit shaky, it may soon become stable again.

(⚤) A foreigner may show romantic interest in you. What stops you from reciprocating is the stereotype associated with their nationality.
♊ Gemini

May 21 – Jun 20

(⛹) Someone who lost to you in some way may try to exact revenge. He/she will try to bring up your past mistake to discredit you. Pay him/her no mind as your office friends will come to your defense.

(฿) Business owners receive more orders, due to word-of-mouth. Salary earners manage their income and spending better than last week. You may win a lawsuit.

(♥) Lovers manage their schedules better and get to spend more QT together. Spouses motivate each other to work hard to build a future together.

(⚤) Someone whom you helped may fall for you, seeing you as some kind of saint.
♋ Cancer

Jun 21 – Jul 22

(⛹) You maintain a better work-life balance next week. Make sure you use your free time to really unplug and recharge. After Feb 23, you'll be increasingly busy until the end of the week. 
(฿) Learn to cut down on your wants as you may have to pay for something that can't wait. From Feb 23-25, you're prone to lose your wallet. If you co-own a business, a betrayal is on the cards.

(♥) Speaking your mind with your partner all the time may backfire. It may lead to a fight or a sleepless night.

(⚤) You have several admirers to choose from but you may fall for someone who's a known flirt.
♌ Leo

Jul 23 – Aug 22

(⛹) You have a full plate but you don't sweat. Your boss and office seniors favour you and defend you when someone badmouths you. A business negotiation will be concluded.

(฿) A freelance job with good pay is on the cards. If you plan to sell pre-loved stuff at a market, people may snap them up quick. However, an older relative may frown upon this. 

(♥) Your relationship is stable and nice but you feel no passion. Someone you meet through a sporty activity may show interest.

(⚤) You may have sex on the first date with someone who's physically what you really like. The good news is that it may turn into a real thing.
♍ Virgo

Aug 23 – Sept 22

(⛹) You may decide to stay in this weekend but work will find its way to disrupt your downtime. Something may turn your work plan upside down and bring your morale down.

(฿) Your wallet becomes thinner. You may have to work harder and longer just to earn the same amount of money. Business owners may need to scratch a thing or two out off their yearly plans.

(♥) Work keeps you two very busy and you won't have much time for face-to-face communication. However, your bond remains strong.

(⚤) Your next date is likely to be someone who works in the healthcare industry.
♎ Libra

Sept 23 – Oct 22

(⛹) Your weekend may be ruined because your boss may assign tasks for the next week via an online chat. He/she may think it genuinely helps you prepare but it puts undue pressure on you, instead.

(฿) Your debtor pays back some of what they owe you. Your car repair or hospital bill may cost more than you expect.     

(♥) Work eats up most of your time and you may have to spend a night in a hospital, too. Your partner will shower you with more attention.

(⚤) Lads, a friend with benefits may try to pressure you into a relationship.
♏ Scorpio

Oct 23 – Nov 21

(⛹) You have a full plate and then some. Work takes you to several places and you don't get to sit down and work at your cubicle much, if at all. If you have a business trip coming soon, make sure you catch your flight.

(฿) Money comes and goes and you add zilch into your savings. You may have to pay off a debt someone else in your family incurs.

(♥) Your love is officially lukewarm. Each of you is too focused on work and personal responsibilities and not enough focused on your relationship.

(⚤) You become jaded about dating. You may still be trying to erase bad memories you have with your ex. Those who are perpetually single may be teased.
♐ Sagittarius

Nov 22 – Dec 21

(⛹) You're able to deal with new challenges and adapt to changes quickly. The boss takes notice of your hard work and dedication. Business owners manage to adapt to digital disruption and keep their enterprises afloat.

(฿) Don't try to impress people by spending a lot of money. Don't trust people who sell stuff online. Never send them money in full until you're sure that they have the goods.

(♥) A friend in common causes you two to cherish each other more. He/she may not even realise it.

(⚤) You may confess your attraction but get turned down. You don't believe in a matchmaking service and prefer to seek out your soulmate on your own.
♑ Capricorn

Dec 22 – Jan 19

(⛹) After Feb 23, a sudden change in your office may benefit you. A roadshow that you're heavily involved with from the start will transpire smoothly. It's so successful that it would be a crime if you don't put it in your CV.

(฿) If you're struggling financially, you may receive help from someone whom you least expect. If you owe someone money, you'll be able to pay it off after Feb 23.

(♥) Don't spend your date night at the same old places. A boat accident may happen for couples who're on vacation.

(⚤) Someone may try to string you along with sweet flattering words. They have no plan to be in a relationship with you so cut your losses now.
♒ Aquarius

Jan 20 – Feb 18

(⛹) Although you're facing a similar problem, it may take you longer to resolve it. You don't make the same mistake twice. You may barely meet the deadline but what you deliver is flawless.

(฿) You enjoy having nice things, even though most of what you bought collect dust on the shelves. You may receive a gift after Feb 23.

(♥) Couples finish each other's sentences (and sandwiches). You two may tease each other and talk more about naughty things. Trying couples may become expecting couples.

(⚤) The feeling you have for someone is mutual. Go ahead and confess your attraction.
♓ Pisces

Feb 19 – Mar 20

(⛹) You have more tasks to tackle next week. It may be difficult for you to lose weight (if you're trying to) because of several business lunches and/or stress eating. Artistic Pisceans should have some alone time to get their creative juices back.

(฿) You spend most of your income on decorative stuff as you view your abode as a form of self-expression.

(♥) You're able to read your partner better and guess what they want correct without them asking. Trying couples try several tips to conceive a baby. They may not work but at least you both enjoy practicing.

(⚤) Someone who ghosted you may try to reconnect while you're talking to someone new. You may decide to keep them both for now.

Appeasers believe that if you keep on throwing steaks to a tiger, the tiger will become a vegetarian.

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How about one for 70 ++ year old widower, been retired for many years, all my time if free time, only major bill in my future is a set of new dentures(can't wait), only two that admire me and that is my grandkids mainly because I always have pop(cola, soda, coke), ice cream and candy on hand.

Guess I already know my future.

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Firstly sad to hear your a widower. i have often talked with my wife, what will she do when i'm gone, naturaly thinking being older i will go first. she said who knows who will go first. but living here and losing your thai partner is so much different than back home as we have to rely on our thai partner more than ever in Amazing Thailand. all the best.

BUT ... the future nobody knows, anything could happen. we have to look on the brightside. no matter what age things can be good

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Appeasers believe that if you keep on throwing steaks to a tiger, the tiger will become a vegetarian.

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Yes, particularly: "i have often talked with my wife, what will she do when i'm gone, naturally thinking being older i will go first."

I spent several years observing funerals here (generally of Farang friends) and was unimpressed with all the.............
Yeah, you know how it is.

So I said to the missus, "When I go, I don't want all of this. Just a quick drink and...... I told her I was serious about it."
She just turned to me and said "But you won't be here."
Difficult to argue after that.   ::)

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Difficult to argue after that.- Well yes, she is right

Two golden rules to a happy marriage:
1. The wife is always right.
2. When you feel she is wrong, slap yourself and read rule number 1 again.  ;D
Appeasers believe that if you keep on throwing steaks to a tiger, the tiger will become a vegetarian.