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For the last 10 days or so, I've received 15 to 20 of this spam every day. It says it recorded things through my webcam - I don't have a webcam. It said that I would have to send money in 2 days. It's been over 10 days and nothing has happened. So, if anyone gets this email, just ignore it and delete it.


Hey, check the sender of this email, I sent this email from your email account.

Some time ago your computer was infected with my private malware, RAT (Remote Administration Tool), your browser wasn't updated / patched, so you got automatically infected while browsing the website wich had my iframe placed in the background.

My malware gave me access to all your accounts, to all your files and it was possible to spy on you over your webcam.

Google: Remote Administration Tool, to see the functions of it.

I collected all your files and I recorded few nice moments of you through your webcam, haha!

After I collected everything, I removed my malware again.

I can publish all your files and the video of you on the whole web, send it to your contacts, social network, hacking forums and the darknet.

You can stop me, send exactly 900$ with the cryptocurrency Monero (XMR) to my Monero (XMR) wallet.

It's very easy to buy Monero (XMR), for example here: www.binance.com , www.anycoindirect.eu , www.bitnovo.com , or Google for another exchanger.

My Monero (XMR) wallet is: 49RD2byfAXfGU4BaZ5mgaQTH8zKowp6V7e88pPkiS1d1iPrJG9RVptDNU1NcHrm5hdKMZzjp2npNzS2CYwy4HjUU3CV52oX

Yes that's a long wallet, copy and paste it, it's (CaSE-SEnSetiVE).

Send the Monero (XMR) directly to my wallet, or create your wallet first with the software from: www.mymonero.com and then send to mine.

I give you 2 days time to send the Monero (XMR).

After that I remove everything and we forget everything.
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Dear sir,

I also got email from paypal wrote that I bought goods and didn't pay much dollars yet.
I ignored then many same emails still came.
So I replied back and CC to paypal admin that "I didn't have paypal id , I never use paypal before. You were spam or hacker, please paypal admin read my email and checked his email and told police to catch him. Thank you very much".
I got replied back from paypal admin said thank you.
After that I never get spam email again.


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