1911 Plague in China

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In 1911 another epidemic gripped China and this time the world actually came together to try to do something about it.  An interesting article on CNN that is worth a read - if you have nothing better to do!  But it does have some lessons for the world and the way it has dealt with - and is dealing with the current crisis.
As an afterthought, one has to wonder why so many of these epidemics / pandemics originate in China and I personally think that there will be a lot of anger directed at that country before much longer.

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Thanks for that Hector - I'd already had a look at this on WikiP and the section on 'Notable outbreaks' is sobering indeed . . https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pandemic

Regarding China, I'd like to think that the World WILL stand up to them now but I fear that as soon as Covid-19 dies down, commercial thoughts will rule again.

Surely the WHO needs to continue to play an important role in coordinating awareness of 'Pandemics'. Many Countries need to contribute financially and it needs Leadership from a figure with real eminence, who can provide true independence, from one of the major Countries - maybe someone from China  ??? 
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