Real estate appraised value and tax, Nai Mueang

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Not sure where else to post this one...

Today I received my first notice of yearly taxation on my condo from Korat's "Nai Mueang" municipality, 11 years after I purchased and settled in it. This notice was preceded 3 months ago by a letter from the same authority informing me about the status of my condo according to their records, and asking me to inform them in case that status had changed in the meanwhile; that is: in case I was now renting it out to someone else. I didn't reply to that letter because no reply was due if nothing had changed, which is my case.

The tax bill I received today:
- States that I'm using my condo as my own dwelling place (correct)
- Gives the official appraised value for my condo, and it is much higher than I would expect (277% the price I paid for it)
- Informs that  the tax rate is 0.02 % of the appraised value
- Gives the total to be paid accordingly

My questions:
- Did any other member here experience the same for the first time this year?
- What about the high appraised value? Should I rejoice or be sorry for it? I have no idea of how much was the appraised value when I purchased the condo 11 years ago.
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Been in our current house (wife's name) a few years, haven't received a tax bill beyond the one at purchase/title transfer.

About 1 or 2 years ago(?), possibly around the time Prime Minister was on a shopping spree for military gear and other things, I remember hearing property tax was an orphaned revenue stream they (the Gov) wanted to get more aggressive with.   Wife was skeptical, and I haven't heard anything since then, so your post caught my eye.  Interested to see other responses.

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I read this post early morning and thought nothing of it.  Later when the post came my wife showed me a bill for tax on 2 rai of land we bought near Pranburi in 2013 and have paid no tax on since then.  It only some 500 Baht, but she said that a year or so ago  provincial land offices were ordered to get their land surveys in order and get people paying the tax they should pay.  Anyone interested in buying 2 rai in that area, by the way, 2.5 M Baht?

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I read this article today. I think it is the same tax discussed in this thread so I will copy the article here.

Cabinet okays 90% reduction in land, building tax for 2020

2 June 2020

The Cabinet has approved a 90 per cent reduction in land and building taxes for the year 2020 and a two-month postponement in the deadline for filing personal income tax returns, Prime Minister General Prayut Chan-o-cha said today (June 2).

“The move aims to alleviate people’s financial burden due to the Covid-19 situation. The reduction in land and building taxes will be valid for this year only and should not affect the country’s future revenue,” he said.

“The Cabinet at a next meeting will discuss measures to help local agencies that will be affected by the lower revenue from taxes,” he added.

The Land and Building Taxes Act BE 2562 (2019) was enforced for the first time earlier this year. It requires people to pay tax on their land or buildings depending on size and use. Under this law, a maximum 0.15 per cent tax will be collected from land used for agricultural purposes, 0.3 per cent for residential use and 1.2 per cent for commercial and industrial purposes as well as from lands that have been left unused. The maximum limit will be raised by 0.3 per cent every three years but will not exceed 3 per cent.

Furthermore, the Cabinet has agreed to postpone the deadline for filing personal income tax returns for another two months, after it had previously approved a three-month postponement in February, then extending the deadline from March to June. The new deadline is now the end of August.


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Cabinet okays 90% reduction in land, building tax for 2020

I went to pay the house tax today and I can confirm that I enjoyed a 90% discount on it.
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Can I confirm yall are able to pay the land and building tax without having to register for a Thai Tax payer ID?